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Fuck Demyelination: Pro-Anti-Multiple-Sclerosis Wallpaper

Created for World MS Day 2011, but you can show your feelings towards Multiple Sclerosis (MS) every day. MS = MF.

MS is a misunderstood disease. The causes of MS are not known. MS attacks axons, stripping them of their myelin sheaths. This causes a variety of nervous system malfunctions as the disease progresses. It affects people differently. Montel Williams, while a very visible suffer of MS, is also a very lucky one. MS can rob people of their ability to walk, see, and function at their full capacity.

Those suffering from MS could be around you and you would never notice. Loss of feeling in limbs, vision problems, and mobility issues aren't always visible. MS sufferers are therefore rendered invisible. This invisibility only increases as the disease progresses, potentially relegating once active persons to their homes. Captain Beefheart, Teri Garr, Annette Funnicello, the aforementioned Montel: these are but a few of the famous people who have, or had (RIP Beefheart), MS.

MS literature may show smiling and heartwarming pictures of people kayaking. As punks, we say fuck that. Fuck MS, fuck the demyelination that causes the symptoms, and fuck spending one billion dollars a month on wars when MS research is happy to get 40 million dollars for a whole year. Hence, we present this fuckery to you. Strong sentiments, with Fabrication Fabrication elegance.

Download, display, donate. Thank you.

Fuck Demyelination

Fuck Demyelination

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