Black Lives Matter, Silence Is Unacceptable

Black Lives Matter
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It’s over two months since police murdered George Floyd, nearly 65 years since racists murdered Emmett Till. Breonna Taylor continues to not receive justice. Extrajudicial murders of Black people continue to happen in the United States. It wasn’t acceptable 65 years ago, it isn’t acceptable now. We stand with the Black community in demanding justice, accountability, and reform of the racist systems that allow murders to keep happening.

Say it once: Black Lives Matter. Say it again: Black Lives Matter.

During the initial wave of protests, companies put out statements supporting the truth, and movement, of Black Lives Matter. These posts varied in tone from inspirational entreaties to somewhat bland corporate chum. What was noticeable were the companies and individuals who said nothing. We don’t know their reasons for silence. But we noticed.

Then we noticed we were doing the same thing. Saying nothing.

The Problem

We, as white people, were being part of the problem. While leaving room for others to speak about their experiences with racism and the American caste system, we were contributing to the silence that turns into violence against the Black, Indigenous, and POC communities we support. We apologize for failing at one of the key tasks in being an ally.

We may be white, but we can be white without ignorantly or indifferently enabling the persecution of our BIPOC neighbors. The recognition of a privilege that’s been afforded to us merely as a condition of our skin color when born is one of the first steps to take. Speaking up, and taking action, in support of Black, Indigenous, and POC communities is the next.

No Joy Without Justice

Fabrication Fabrication’s goal is to spread a type of joy. A society where violence and injustice is perpetrated on others in the name of racism is not joyous. It is unjust. It is wrong. It needs to be confronted and corrected. There’s no joy if you’re not physically and mentally free.

Conditions that prevent people from being able to live better lives, freely, are an injustice. The use of racist policies to disenfranchise Black communities are part of the history of America. That is a fact. It is a fact that America refuses to keep in the past, a legacy that is re-enacted in our present, echoing in actions small and large through the lives of BIPOC communities. Each echo from these policies further corrode the foundations of joy for our neighbors. We must work together to end these policies.

What We Can Do

In addition to our ongoing support for the ACLU, NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center, bail funds, prison reform initiatives, and other creator/community initiatives, we will do more to help Black creators in our community.

Taking action is important, but it’s vital to keep speaking out. One voice may not be the loudest. But one voice can inspire other to join in with their own voices, creating a chorus that can’t be silenced. For that reason, we post.

Now it’s your turn.