The Five Ws of Fabrication Fabrication 

We are artists that like music, anthropomorphized every day objects, and using multisyllabic words in our opening sentences. In the last decade we’ve made items in tribute to Slint (the only), Black Flag (the band), Halloween (the holiday), and Fluff (the foodstuff). Our sort-of core philosophies involve speaking nonsense to sense, that right makes might, and making the world a funnier, better, more beautiful place. Our primary region of operation is Earth, with our physical operations centered on the Boston, Massachusetts area of the United States of America. We are open to working on other planets, planetoids, moons, or dimensions.

Speaking of Ws: George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be put in jail.

Hire us to make the thing you have cool! Luv ya, thanks.

Most social networks are mostly amoral (more or less). Go outside.