Three-Button Fluff Festival Fluffernutter Fan Button Bonanza Pack


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A tough topping, a nutty friend, and a sparkly background honor your childhood friend: Fluff.

  • Three 1″ buttons
  • pinback
  • one intense sparkle
  • two intense original drawings
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For the Fluff fan or just Fluff-curious, let’s talk Fluff stuff.

Fluff is a marshmallow sauce. Fluff is famous for being the fluff half of a peanut butter and fluff sandwich, aka a “Fluffernutter”. The Fluffernutter is a very American-ish, very Northeastern US-focused sandwich. But wherever Fluffernutters thrive, generations of sticky, hyperactive children know them as a luncheon delicacy.

Featuring our original artwork, these buttons were first displayed at Somerville, MA’s (“Cradle of Fluff, Tufts, & Revolutionary War Stuffs”) annual What The Fluff? Festival. Although Fluff seems old-fashioned and slightly out-of-nutitional-step these days—it’s mostly sugar, non-vegan, only-almost-vegetarian, and non-nutritional—nostalgia is a hard sandwich spread to beat. It also makes for great buttons!

The buttons are about Fluff, but allow for many interpretations. For example: If you don’t have an immediate use for a “PB & F YEAH” button, be creative. Isn’t that co-worker down the hall’s initials “PB”? You bet they are. Give that button to PB and watch them smile. Sure it’s about you, PB! F yeah, PB!



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