SLIP IT pIN: Black Flag Tribute Button: The Ron


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We don’t care if you’ve heard it before. You bet we’ve got something personal apparel-sized for you. A Black Flag tribute button.

  • Classic glossy finish
  • 1″ Round Button
  • Pinback
  • Two versions…at one time.
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There’s a time for punk rock, and a time for punk rock. That punk rock time is always.

Somewhere between loved and hated, forever moving back and forth, as a flag in the wind, is the legacy of Black Flag. A difficult band in a difficult scene has a difficult legacy—who could have guessed?

However, we’ve come to praise Black Flag, not to dissect them. The **SLIP IT pIN: Black Flag Tribute Button** is the same iconic design nod as on our MY WARdrobe: Black Flag Tribute Shirt but in button form.

Whether you love Black Flag, FLAG, OFF!, Black Face, all or any combination of the Black Flag family, this is the button for you. Call back to the classic eras of the band. Put it on hat, your diaper bag, or your upcycled hip pack.

Real punk never dies. It just gets reinterpreted.

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