Don’t Heckle Slint Glow-in-the-Dark Button


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Think of it as a reminder: Don’t think about what you’re going to shout out next. Just be quiet, and pay attention to the music. Shh…listen…

  • 1.25″ button
  • glows in the dark
  • pinback
  • 100% Post-Rock
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This is a PSA for shows.

Slint: One of the most iconic bands of the 90s. Slint: Reuniting to play shows celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of, and box set for, their seminal album Spiderland. Slint: we are there.

These shows are a special gift for fans, since Slint is a retired band. Therefore, it’s a special chance for fans to celebrate, the band to get out of their houses, and for everyone to enjoy hearing Spiderland played in full, live. In fact, it might be our only chance to see this happen.

If the show is celebrating an album that, presumably, everyone in the audience loves, you have to wonder: why all the heckling? At first fun, after a while we’ve all had enough of multiple, wacky jokes in-between every song. Finally, after yet another outburst, someone yells “Don’t Heckle Slint!”

What good advice! Let the words on this button spring to mind the next time you want to share your second or twelfth quip at a show. Pause ye, on your breadcrumb trail, and perhaps say nothing. You’re amongst friends. You don’t need to impress us.

To summarize: just chill out, enjoy the music, and, for Tweez’s sake, Don’t Heckle Slint.

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Performative fandom is tiresome for everyone except the one performing it.