Record Lovers’ Button


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Record store customer: “Hey, do you sell records here?”

  • 1″ square button
  • pinback
  • happy music fan
  • thinking of records
  • filed under “B” for “Button”
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Squares aren’t cool. But you know what’s square? Record jackets. What’s inside record jackets? Records—round records. Those are very cool.

Look at you. Do you look square? Maybe. But inside, you like records. Inside, you are round and cool. You love records! Your blood platelets are little microscopic vinyl platters of health and healing! People can’t tell, though. Square.

The button is square. But inside? There’s a cool record fan and they’re only concerned about one thing: records. They are pointy & lumpy, not round, but not square, either. Cool.

Show square squares that you’re not a square square. You’re a round square.


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